The Perfect Allergy Friendly Gift (or Two)!

IMG_7044If I have not emphasized this enough in previous blog posts, I have the sweetest family to help me out with my allergies! And, this Valentine’s Day was no exception.  My little sister even mailed me the perfect gift from college : )

Here are two gift ideas for the next  holiday in your life.  Whether it’s a birthday or St. Patrick’s Day, these gifts will have you covered!

Gift #1: Allergy Business Cards

Lots and Lots of Cards!! Thanks Mom!

Wow, that sounds lame from the get-go.  BUT, it’s actually a practical and cute gift.  (And, if you’re not artsy check out  My mom used light green, so they are the color of the celiac awareness ribbon!!

Where did this gift idea originate?!  Well, if you have more than three or four allergies, you tend to have a waiter scribbling them down on a pad of paper as he/she heads back to grab the chef.  And on quite a few occasions, we’ve had someone tell us that: “One time, a man brought in a business card with a list of his allergies.  It was really cool.”

So now we know these business cards help the waiter  AND make you cool! What’s better than that?! Plus you’ll never have to worry about an ingredient being read incorrectly.  I always worry that people will read safflower as sunflower because it’s a much more common allergen. 

What goes on my Allergy Business Card?!

  1. Name: You only need your first name because that’s how you introduce yourself when you’re out to eat.
  2. Celiac Disease: If you have celiac disease, I recommend including it and a statement that says “No Cross Contamination.”  This will let you know if your waiter and the staff are aware of Celiac Disease and are taking proper steps to prepare your food.  Plus, I don’t like listing gluten as an “allergy” because I’m always educating people about Celiac Disease, including how it’s an intolerance (not an allergy).
  3. Allergies
  4. Intolerances
  5. *Phone Number or Email: If you want to send your business card ahead for a function of NYE dinner, this could be helpful.  Or, you could write it on the back!
  6. *Picture: One waiter told me about a man who included his picture.  It’s the best way to know if they’re delivering the allergy friendly food to the right person.  It’s a little over the top in my eyes because your waiter/chef always brings you the food directly if you have a lot of allergies.  But, if you’re photogenic, go right ahead!

* Optional (I didn’t do these, but they could be cool!)

Gift #2: Cocktail Jelly Bellies 

The non-alcoholic (and edible) version of all your favorite drinks, including margaritas and piña coladas.  Did I mention, I have an awesome little sister 🙂

Last November, my mom and I were out Christmas shopping Breckenridge, Colorado.  We bought presents for my aunts, uncles, and even my little sister.  In each shop  we secretly wished we weren’t shopping together, so we could buy presents for each other.

The moment we walked into one shop, I began raving about the cocktail Jelly Bellies.  I had never seen them before; and, I really wanted to try them.  After I went upstairs to talk to my sister on the phone, I turned back down the shop’s stairs and my mom shooed me right back up! I was fairly certain that I was going to get Cocktail Jelly Bellies for Christmas.

Now, you’ve probably never been this excited about a candy, but in the upcoming weeks, I managed to tell everyone I knew that I was getting Cocktail Jelly Bellies for Christmas.   And, just before Christmas, my mom (who had no idea I was telling the whole world this) informed me that she couldn’t buy the Cocktail Jelly Bellies because I kept walking down the stairs!

Courtesy of

But on Christmas morning, I opened up the cutest set of jelly bellies that were wrapped in Christmas Mickey and Minnie packages. They were delicious and perfect for the holiday, but I never had Cocktail Jelly Bellies until my sister mailed them to me for Valentine’s Day!

Cocktail Jelly Bellies Review: There are six different flavors in the pack: mojito, pomegranate cosmo, peach bellini, margarita, piña colada, and strawberry daiquiri.  My favorite flavor is probably piña colada, but the other two worth noting are mojito and strawberry daiquiri.   The mojito flavor manages to have an alcohol aftertaste, despite being an alcohol free treat, which is pretty cool.  And, while I would argue that the strawberry daiquiri doesn’t taste like a daiquiri, it’s a sweeter and richer strawberry than the original jelly belly : )

Did your friends and family give you any cool allergy friendly presents this past year?! I’d love to hear about them!  

10 thoughts on “The Perfect Allergy Friendly Gift (or Two)!

  1. Awh, yes! I’m glad you like the idea. You could certainly use bright colors for your little one too, which would be super cute 🙂

    1. It reduces stress so much! I still always talk to the chef or manager, but I feel much more comfortable with people reading this card compared to their handwriting, especially with safflower. I swear, no one ever hears me right the first time! Plus, if you call ahead or are planning an event, you can send it along 🙂

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