Baking Without Eggs… Betty Crocker Style

From cooking chicken to baking a cake or even whipping up some frosting, egg substitutes are never the same! And, that’s the challenge.

It’s Hard to Beat the Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies!

Now, there are the common substitutes, such as applesauce and Ener-G Egg Replacer.  But, sometimes, I don’t want the moistness applesauce brings to my baked goods. And, did you know that Ener-G Egg replacer has tapioca in it?!

Here’s a quick lesson for y’all missing out on the tapioca allergy, Tapioca 101, as I’d like to call it.  Tapioca may be a rare allergy, but it’s in almost all gluten free flours and baked goods.  Seriously, read the labels! However, arrowroot flour works as a substitute due to it’s similar thickening quality. Fortunately, tapioca is not in Betty Crocker’s gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix.  And, you now know my weakness in the dessert category!

Back to Egg Substitutes:  Here’s my favorite egg substitute for baking that fits perfectly with the Betty Crocker Cookie Mix! You only need three ingredients: water, canola oil, and baking powder.  Add the baking powder last and stir with a fork.  Your mixture should bubble. (If not then your baking powder is too old).  Your proportions should be as follows:

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.44.30 AM

It’s a  fast and simple solution for all your egg-free baking needs!  You’ll even find this substitute in my Gluten Free Cookie Dough Ball Recipe.

Now, if you’re cooking a product with grains, say rice, quinoa, or any seeds… a fantastic eggs substitute is gelled chia seeds.  Simply mix water and chia seeds together in a sealed container and refrigerate for 10 minutes.  Ta Da!  You’ll be able to create a product like my Red Quinoa Crab Cakes!

Happy Baking!

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