Labeling the Big 8!

Now Common Allergens Won't Keep You Down!  Check out the new and improved Recipe Tab :)
Now Common Allergens Won’t Keep You Down!
Check out the new and improved Recipe Tab 🙂

Quick, grab a piece of paper and pen.  Ready?  Take thirty seconds to write down all the food allergies your friends (or even acquaintances) have. On your mark, get set, go!

Let’s see, did you write down peanuts? Dairy? Wheat? Corn? Sunflower seeds? I’m sure you have plenty others as well.  In this age of ever expanding allergies your list could go on and on. When I began GF Life 24/7 almost two weeks ago, my goal was (and remains) to write a blog that is both Celiac and allergy friendly.  But what does allergy friendly mean?

Surely, all my recipes are free of gluten and my allergies: dairy, eggs, safflower, tapioca, rosemary, cinnamon, and annatto seed.  But those aren’t even the most popular allergies in America.  As I pondered what it means to be allergy-friendly, I thought about the “Big 8,” all the allergens that Enjoy Life keeps out of their products.  While a person can be allergic to virtually any food, it turns out that eight foods account for almost 90% of food allergies.*

So now GF Life 24/7 is changing with an updated allergy guide to help everyone with the “Big 8” allergies.  My recipes will always be free of gluten, dairy and eggs, but now you can head on over to the Recipes Tab for a guide to any common allergens my recipes contain. 

Allergy Friendly Guide:

All recipes are free of gluten (aka: wheat is included), dairy, and eggs.

Key: Contains Peanuts , Tree Nuts , Fish , Shellfish , Soy Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 10.49.08 PM

It is still your responsibility to read all your labels and buy brands that are safe for you.  However, hopefully this new key will make navigating GF Life 24/7 just a little bit easier. Plus, I’ll be trying to post more allergy friendly advice, such as the peanut free flights offered by Delta Unknown. So feel free to explore and enjoy!


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