No Cross-Contamination Ever! – A Review of Twist (Millis, MA)

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From soup to chicken wings and cupcakes that are all safe for you!
“Heaven is a Place on Earth.”
– Belinda Carlisle

Welcome to Twist Bakery and Cafe– a magical place for celiacs and those with peanut allergies alike! The entire cafe is free of gluten and peanuts, so cross contamination is never a concern.  Also, winner of GFreek’s Local Boston Restaurant Award this year.  So, despite being a thirty minute drive, I decided to head out to Millis for one of the most peaceful dining experiences of my celiac career.

Not only does Twist have no gluten or peanuts in their cafe, but they  also color codes other common allergens including nuts, coconut, dairy, and soy.  Many of their products are egg free if you ask! The two must difficult allergies to accommodate are tapioca (or another flour used in their flour mix) and coconut (as coconut milk is their go to dairy free product).  Nonetheless, I still had options including the Honey BBQ Wings for the AFC Championship game!

AFC Championship Specials!

The Honey BBQ Wings are worth a rave! And, if they have enough prepared, you can even buy them to bring home at $8.99/lb.  Since the wings don’t have any allergy coding,  they’re good for a wide array of allergies too! The BBQ sauce is sweet with just a little bit of spice. All and all perfect for a football Sunday.  My mom raved about her stew as well (which had a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon in the pot, so I didn’t give it a try!).

If you’re a celiac or severe peanut allergy in the Boston area, Twist is certainly worth a trip! It’s a restaurant to keep in the back of your mind as a special treat.  And, if you live near Millis, I am supremely jealous.  The restaurant is in a plaza with Roche Brothers, so you could go grocery shopping on the same day : )

P.S: To all my non-Bostonian followers, I’ll be posting a new recipe tomorrow! 

5 thoughts on “No Cross-Contamination Ever! – A Review of Twist (Millis, MA)

    1. That’s awesome! I’m still looking for a place that fries french fries in a different oil than breaded things. So far, I can only find baked fries.

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