The Regal Treatment- Review of Legal Seafoods

“Passion can get the better of you.” – Billy
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“Do you enjoy being Irish?”


“I’m always serious – I’m Czech. Are you enjoying your life right now?”

“Sorry, what?!…”

– Girl and Guy

This was just the beginning of my laughter for the afternoon as I saw Once (the musical) at the Boston Opera House. The quips guy and girl made at one another alongside the lively music kept me smiling for two hours straight. Moreover, with the number of calories I burned laughing, I was starving by the time we left the show!

As we walked away, we spotted Legal SeaFoods, a chain restaurant I heard was celiac friendly, but I had never visited before. As we ventured in, I did not know the amazing experience I would have. And, I certainly fulfilled my seafood quota for the week (following Friday’s crab cakes ← Check them out!).

Legal Seafoods Review (Boston Park Square)

Placemat Advertises Gluten Free Menu from 2005!
Placemat Advertises Gluten Free Menu!

First things first, when you arrive at the hostess desk just ask for a gluten free menu. You’ll receive a different menu: Legal Seafoods’ Gluten Free Menu. When I sat down, I immediately began scribbling down my allergies down on a piece of paper. Our waiter was sweet, took my allergies and began telling us about Legal Seafood’s history of taking care of allergies. (They even advertise it on their placemat!) He asked how severe they were, and assured me there would be no cross-contamination with any of my allergens.

Savory Scallops!

Now, apparently if you aren’t allergic to tapioca (like most celiacs), they have delectable gluten free rolls. Of course, I haven’t tried them, so no review here! While being dairy free certainly limits you at Legal Seafoods, you can build your own meal up under the Wood Grilled Section of the menu. I simply asked for brown rice, scallops, and broccoli. But, I could have been much more creative!

My To-Go Box! They also have take out from many of their restaurants 🙂

Throughout the night, the manager monitored and delivered our food giving me an additional level of comfort. Additionally, the scallops were pan-seared to avoid any cross-contamination with my allergies. At the end of the night, I still had some left overs which will make for a great treat tomorrow!

All and all, I recommend the Legal Seafoods in Boston Park Plaza. (I can’t speak for the whole chain of course). Additionally, I’m one of those “lucky” celiacs who feels even trace amounts of gluten, and I still feel peachy. But I want to hear from you, so…

To my fellow Legal Seafoods diners, how well did they do at meeting your allergies? Do you have any other favorite (chain) restaurants that are accommodating to Celiac Disease and other allergies?!

Update (5.6.14): I have also had a great experience at the Legal Seafood in Framingham, and the manager came out and followed my meal through.  I had to eat off menu, and they were very thorough and helpful. Also, they mentioned the GF rolls, but knew they contained tapioca! However, they are dairy free which is great for my GF/DF friends. 🙂

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