How to be a Lazy, Healthy Home Cook

Combatting Frozen Foods Bad Rep
A Look in My Fridge: Combatting Frozen Foods Bad Rep

Here’s the deal… You’re straight out of college, barely know how to cook, and every time you try you end up with a meal for thirty.  Well, you’re certainly not alone, and it’s also not even a problem!

One of my healthiest and warmest (perfect for the winter!) foods is soup.  I make a whole stew for one or two people and have tons of left overs.  But, instead of letting it go uneaten, I freeze them in individual portions. Personally, I use Glad containers, but I’ve also used Ziplock bags.  Then, you can take out one serving a day before you want to eat it and put it in the refrigerator.  Once you heat it up, you’ll have a quick healthy meal.  Frozen food doesn’t need to always have a bad rep!

This year I’ve been focusing on soups that freeze well. Some of my favorites (seen from left to right) are Southwestern Turkey, Butternut Squash, and Chicken Tortilla soup. Which recipe will I be posting tomorrow?! Come back to check it out!

15 thoughts on “How to be a Lazy, Healthy Home Cook

    1. Definitely the best part of leaving the college mini fridge. Although, you would be shocked by the amount of food I could fit in one of those!

      1. Haha yeah sadly, I’m graduated and STILL stuck with the medium fridge because that’s all our apartment can hold. Right now it’s stuffed full of meat and ice cream. I can’t complain too much, it works for us.

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