Modified Prosciutto & Burrata Salad
Modified Prosciutto & Burrata Salad

This restaurant has CLOSED. 

Spago is a premiere Wolfgang Puck restaurant located at the Ritz in Bachelor Gulch. While their food may be expensive, it ties 8100 Mountainside Bar and Grill as my favorite allergy friendly restaurant in Beaver Creek. They are careful for cross-contamination, record your allergies in their system in case you return, and make your modified meal appear as though it was an item on the menu.

For my appetizer, I had the Prosciutto & Burrata salad. However, since I couldn’t eat some of the main ingredients, I received a double serving of prosciutto! My plate looked just as pretty as my younger sister who had the same course without modifications, and the blend of tastes was delicious. As we moved onto the main course, I wanted to try the scallops. Of course, I couldn’t have the sauces or sides that came with the scallops. The chef was very accommodating and combined my meal with the rice and stir fried vegetables from the striped bass entrée. The meal blended together perfectly as though it was meant to be served together.

Modified Scallop Entrée
Modified Scallop Entrée

Now, I frequently skip out on dessert because sorbet is always the dessert option for those with gluten and dairy allergies. And, I must say, I’ve grown quite sick of eating it. However, the flavors at Spago were definitely the best I had all week. The chef prepared a medley of fruit sorbets that were not too sweet. And, they were not too tart, a problem I had with the champaign flavored sorbet on NYE. The presentation continued to be beautiful as with the rest of the meal.

For more information on Spago, visit

Fruit Sorbets
Fruit Sorbets

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