The Golden Eagle Inn Restaurant

Golden Eagle is certainly careful for those with allergies, and I feel  safe eating there.  I’ve been there twice: once for lunch and once for New Years Eve. For lunch, I found that there were limited options; however, I was able to have trout with green beans and tomatoes.  Since Golden Eagle does not have any gluten and dairy free sauces, the meal was a little bland compared to some of the others I’ve had throughout Beaver Creek.

Trout Lunch

My meal on NYE had much more flavor. I was able to eat a modified version of the Holiday Menu! It was delicious.  For my appetizer, I was able to have the oysters with caviar.  Honestly, I would have never tried it a year ago, but the salty sauce on top made the dish.  For my entrée I modified version of the main meat entrée.  I was able to have three of the meats: scallops and a fillet of beef.  Additionally, since I couldn’t have the potatoes underneath, the chef prepared the black rice from another entree on the menu.  

NYE Entrée
NYE Entrée

At Golden Eagle if you simply have Celiac Disease there are many more options than if you add on other allergies.  The food is quite good for being able to walk in without calling ahead as well.  The only downside is the lack of sauces and seasonings.  However, I believe at restaurants you are always better off safe than sorry!

Find their menu and more at

SIDE NOTE: The chef here changes quite often and I haven’t been here under the new chef yet. However, one of my friends believes she was “glutened” here. 😦

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