Zach’s Cabin

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Courtesy of

Always always pack your own food for the mountain! That is unless you belong to Bachelor Gulch Club (or a similar organization) and have the option to eat on the mountain. I’m very fortunate to have a mom that is a homeowner, so for lunch I have the option to ski into a cabin nestled in the middle of the mountain for lunch. Once inside we take off our ski boots, place on slippers, and enjoy a nice sit down meal. (Other days, I want more hours on the mountain, so I pack my food).

Why am I telling you about this restaurant if you need to be a member of Bachelor Gulch club to eat lunch there?! Well, they also have dinner open to the public. They’ll meet you at the bottom of the mountain, and take you up in a snowcat carriage, while covered in warm blankets. While, I haven’t eaten there for dinner, I highly recommend the chef, so here’s what I’ve learned about lunch.

My Off-Menu Salad
My Off-Menu Salad

At Zach’s Cabin you should call ahead and let them know your coming. If you are returning multiple days in a row, they will also write down your allergies and place them on the bulletin board at the waiter’s station. This way, you are not repeating them every single day! The chef made me a salad that was off the menu each day, which I absolutely loved. I don’t know how he had such fresh raspberries, but they were delicious. Additionally, he would try to modify any order. When I asked for edamame, it took a little longer because they had to start a new pot. But, I greatly appreciate all of their cross-contamination efforts!

Learn more about their dining options at! The chef at Zach’s Cabin in the winter is also the chef at Red Sky Ranch and Golf Club in the summer (

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