Gingerbread Decorating Party!

Decorating gingerbread houses is a family tradition, and since my sister and I were growing up we’ve learned to make a party out of it.  This year we had a small gathering of eight people.  Our party contained both gluten-filled and gluten-free gingerbread houses in candy.  So how did we keep it safe for everyone?!

The Candy Selection
Can you spot the difference between gluten filled and gluten free candy?

First, we set up the gingerbread house stations.  Those who were using special frosting (without egg) had their own frosting container.  In fact, the frosting was made in a separate GF mixer.

Second, we identified the candies that were free of gluten and other allergens and placed them at one end of the table. My favorite gingerbread decorating candy of 2013 was the Jelly Belly candy canes.  Plus, a blueberry candy cane tastes much better than a peppermint one too!

Third, everyone received a muffin tin.  Everyone could fill their muffin tin up with any candy they wanted. The Trick: all the gluten and allergy free candy had spoons in them.  You had to pick those candies up with the provided spoon to prevent cross-contamination!

This party was also successful because everyone was in college or older.  You might need to make a few modifications with younger kids, but by following these steps its easy to have an allergy-friendly gingerbread decorating party!

To learn how to make a GF gingerbread house, read my other blog post: Gingerbread Magic!

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