Be Our Guest: Designed for Allergies

The Rose Room
The Rose Room

With every attraction, Disney World becomes more miraculous.  Your dining experience at Be Our Guest is no exception.  For quick service meals (aka: lunch), you’ll order at a register and then take a rose with you to find your seat in one of three luxurious rooms: the West Wing, Grand Ballroom, or the Rose Room.  The rose lets the waiters know where to deliver your food!

Quinoa Salad and Dessert
Quinoa Salad and Dessert

What’s more magical than a well-organized quick service dining experience with plenty of seating? The menu! It’s naturally allergy friendly, so you have to make very few modifications.  As with the rest of Disney World restaurants, the chef comes out to speak with you.  Much to my delight, I only made a few changes to the menu.

I enjoyed the quinoa salad with green beans, potatoes, olives, roasted bell peppers, golden beets and tomatoes. The chef even prepared a dessert for me.  When the meals were delivered to our table, my meal had the allergy sticks in it, so I was aware of its preparation.   So far I have only had the opportunity to dine in the Beast’s Castle for the quick service lunch (Lumière’s Expedites Lunch).  However, there is a sit-down dinner offered in the Beast’s castle as well (A Culinary Cabaret), which I’m sure would be a treat.

Learn more and make your reservation (early!) at  And, if you are planning on going to Lumière’s Expedites Lunch go early.  We went at 10:30 am last year because the line during peak hours got up to 100 minutes!!

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