Chef Mickey’s: A Safe, Magical Bite

Chef Mickey’s is a child’s fantasy, not only do five Disney characters come to your table, but you can eat Mickey Mouse waffles! Plus, it’s prime location at the Contemporary Hotel means you travel on the monorail from the Magic Kingdom.  The all-you-can-eat-buffet may be a dream for some, but most Celiacs fear the cross-contamination prospects.

I was less than excited at the prospect of eating at a buffet, but my experience turned out to be magical.  Upon arrival the chef came out to our table.  His sole job is to cook meals for those with food allergies! He took me for a stroll around the buffet to determine what foods I would enjoy and discuss whether he could safely prepare them.  Once cooked, the chef brought my meal out to the table himself! The table next to us looked a little bit jealous 🙂

For my meal I asked for a salad to start and chicken for my entrée.  Both were delicious.  I attribute some of this to the bacon bits the chef included in both courses! The chicken was cooked to perfection as it was warm and juicy. While food on a buffet (especially vegetables) may become cold, the chef cooked all my food to order, so my broccoli and potato were delectable as well! Lastly, the oranges added the perfect level of acidity to my meal.

Clean Plate Club!
Clean Plate Club!

Chef Mickey’s is one of my favorite Disney restaurants for those with Celiac Disease and other allergies.  Since the buffet is pretty easy for the chef to maintain, you receive a significant amount of one-on-one attention.  Be sure to make your reservation early!  You can check their availability on their website:

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